Antares Autotune Pro 10.10 Crack + Registration Code [2023]

Antares Autotune

Antares Autotune Pro 10.10 Crack With Registration Code [2023]

Antares Autotune Crack is the most advanced Auto-Tune edition ever. It includes a redesigned Graph Mode for detailed pitch and time editing, Auto Mode for real-time correction, runs natively on Apple Silicon, and has ARA2 support for Logic and Studio One. Existing users please upgrade to the latest version of Auto-Tune Pro X for added ARA2 support. Now considered a staple in recording studios, Antares Auto-Tune is a must-have for vocalists clamoring for a modern pop sound. The Auto-Tune plug-in series now has formant shifting, time correction, doubling, vintage analog coder emulations, tube distortion modeling, ring modulation effects, and more.

Record and perform without any distractions thanks to the included Low Latency Mode, and even map MIDI parameters from the Auto-Tune plug-in to your MIDI controller of choice for added expression in real-time. And never worry about iLok. Not everyone processes their vocals the same way, and that is the beauty of an industry-standard pitch and time-correction plug-in like Auto-Tune. If you don’t need the full functionality of the latest Auto-Tune Pro edition, then you can choose from a variety of options for certain tasks such as automatic scale and key detection.

All these tools help you create a unique and professional sound for yourself, whether you need natural pitch correction or the classic “Auto-Tune 5” sound that’s been used on countless pop songs. The Auto-Tune software features a streamlined user interface that enables you to have the most efficient workflow in the studio.

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Auto-Tune was originally intended to disguise or correct off-key inaccuracies, allowing vocal tracks to be perfectly tuned despite originally being slightly off-pitch. The 1998 Cher song “Believe” popularized the technique of using Auto-Tune to distort vocals. In 2018, the music critic Simon Reynolds observed that Auto-Tune had “revolutionized popular music, calling its use for effects “the fad that just wouldn’t fade. In its role of distorting vocals, Auto-Tune operates on different principles from the vocoder or talk box and produces different results.

Auto-Tune is available as a plug-in for digital audio workstations used in a studio setting and as a stand-alone, rack-mounted unit for live performance processing. The processor slightly shifts pitches to the nearest true, correct semitone (to the exact pitch of the closest note in traditional equal temperament). Auto-Tune can also be used as an effect to distort the human voice when the pitch is raised or lowered significantly, such that the voice is heard to leap from note to note stepwise, like a synthesizer.

Auto-Tune has become standard equipment in professional recording studios. Instruments such as the Peavey AT-200 guitar seamlessly use Auto-Tune technology for real-time pitch correction. Auto-Tune Access is the easiest and most affordable way to start using Auto-Tune. Its light CPU footprint and professional quality processing also make it a convenient option for more advanced users working with larger projects. Three-position Retune Speed and Humanize knobs allow for a variety of tuning applications, from subtle and natural-sounding pitch correction to the most extreme Auto-Tune Effect. Low latency processing lets you perform through Auto-Tune Access in real time on stage or in the studio, without worrying about distracting delay.

Antares Autotune Pro 10.10 Crack + Serial Key Latest

This technology is best known as the developer of Auto-Tune, the industry standard for professional pitch correction and the tool of choice for the most prominent vocal effect in popular music. Antares tools and technologies include microphone modeling, formant, and throat modeling; harmonizing and doubling; and noise reduction. Their solutions are used in music production as well as sound design for video and games. Most of these key technologies are available for licensing. Antares Audio Technologies develops innovative DSP-based audio hardware and software products that provide musicians, producers, and engineers with creative capabilities that they may never have imagined possible.

Auto-Tune (or auto-tune) is an audio processor introduced in 1996 by American company Antares Audio Technologies. Auto-Tune uses a proprietary device to measure and alter pitch in vocal and instrumental music recordings and performances. Or, pick up the Artist edition of Auto-Tune if you use everything except time correction in Auto-Tune Pro. Move seamlessly between DSP and native processing during tracking with the tailor-made Auto-Tune Hybrid edition plug-in. Pro Tools engineers using Avid DSP hardware now have access to unprecedented DSP acceleration and latency-free monitoring. Auto-Tune Hybrid works across Pro Tools | Carbon interfaces, Pro Tools | HDX systems, and VENUE | S6L systems.

Antares Autotune


  • Automatically detects the key and scale of your music
  • Interface in both Auto Mode and Graph Mode
  • Auto Mode now includes two unique screen views
  • Sleek and streamlined interface for real-time pitch correction
  • Basic View gives you quick and easy access
  • Perfect solution for singers, producers, and mixing engineers
  • Low-latency mode for live performances and seamless tracking
  • Compatible with Auto-Key (sold separately)
  • Humanize function adds realism and authenticity to your correction
  • The updated interface is sleek and easy to use
  • Auto-mode for real-time pitch correction
  • Extremely powerful, versatile, and simple to use
  • Compatible with Auto-Key Plug-in (sold separately)
  • Humanize functions give you a more transparent and natural-sounding pitch correction
  • Low-latency mode lets you process quickly in real time without any distracting buffering delays


Audio Random Access

Auto-Tune Pro supports ARA (Audio Random Access) in the Studio One DAW. ARA is a technology that allows for closer integration and exchange of information between audio plugins and host applications (digital audio workstations).

MIDI Parameter Control

Many of Auto-Tune Pro’s key parameters can now be controlled in real-time with a MIDI controller, including Retune Speed, Flex-Tune, Humanize, Throat Length, and all of the Vibrato functions. Assign the parameters to the controls on your MIDI device, and perform dramatic effects in real time on stage or in the studio.

A New, Streamlined User Interface

Auto-Tune Pro features a sleek, all-new interface in both Auto Mode and Graph Mode, redesigned for ease of use and efficient workflow. Auto Mode now includes two unique screen views: Basic View which gives you quick and easy access to the core features of Auto Mode, and Advanced View which unlocks the powerful MIDI, scale editing, and vibrato features.

Classic Mode

Classic Mode is the much-requested return of the celebrated Auto-Tune 5 sound. As we’ve added new features to Auto-Tune (such as Formant Correction, Throat Modeling, and Flex-Tune) the Auto-Tune algorithm has evolved, and its sonic qualities have undergone subtle changes, with each Auto-Tune version having its own slightly different character.

Automatic Key and Scale Detection

Auto-Key is a brand new plug-in, included with your Auto-Tune Pro purchase, which automatically detects the key and scale of your music and sends that information to one or more instances of Auto-Tune Pro. If you already know the key and scale of your tracks, you may also find Auto-Key useful for simultaneously setting the Key and Scale parameters of multiple instances

What’s New?

  • Step-by-step tutorials
  • Every vocal plug-in you want
  • Free tech support
  • Industry Standard Pitch Correction
  • Classic Auto-Tune Effect
  • Works with all major DAWs


  • Makes a recording sound better
  • Doesn’t artifact as much as other tuning plugins
  • Gives you a modern sound
  • Can be used on instruments like bass if they are out of tune instead of having to re-record
  • Can use it as an excellent effect like Tpain


  • Artists come into the studio expecting to sound like famous pop stars even though they are horrible singers.
  • Artists use it as a safety net and feel they don’t have to sing as good


Antares Auto-Tune Access is streamlined and intuitive pitch correction plug-in, ideal for vocalists, producers, and mixing engineers. Utilizing the same design architecture and tuning algorithms as the pro-level plug-ins within Antares’ range, Auto-Tune Access delivers highly accurate and authentic vocal tuning in a compact and affordable package. Optimized for low CPU and high performance coupled with an essential low-latency mode, Auto-Tune Access is an ideal option for large mixing projects with multiple vocal tracks or for live performances to achieve professional results without distracting buffering delays.

A three-position Retune Speed control alongside the Humanize dial lets you patch in a wide range of different tuning effects, from subtle correction with a natural feel and sound to hard-tuned, robotic sounds that can work as a creative effect. No matter if you’re a beginner or a seasoned professional, Auto-Tune Access will quickly become your go-to for fast, accurate, and natural pitch correction.

System Requirements:

  • Minimum Intel Pentium 4 processor
  • RAM must be 2 GB and more for better result
  • A free hard disk space of 2 GB
  • A good quality graphic card
  • Screen resolution of 786×1024 and better

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Antares Autotune Pro 10.10 Crack With Registration Code [2023]

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